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Founder - Sllearning Educational Services LLP


Founder – Sllearning Educational Services LLP

Animesh Raj Vardhan: Pioneering the EdTech Revolution

Muzaffarpur, Bihar: In the rapidly evolving landscape of education technology, one name stands out for his remarkable journey and visionary approach—Animesh Raj Vardhan. An exemplary figure in the EdTech domain, Animesh’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and a deep-seated passion for education.

A Unique Educational Background

Animesh Raj Vardhan’s educational journey is as unique as it is inspiring. Due to personal and family challenges, his parents opted to homeschool him. Despite this unconventional start, Animesh excelled as a CBSE and English medium student. After initially failing his math exam in the 10th grade, he retook the test and passed with first-class marks, demonstrating his determination and ability to overcome setbacks. He continued his academic pursuits, graduating with a degree in Mass Communications.

Early Career and Diverse Experiences

Animesh began his professional journey in 2000 as a tuition teacher in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. His diverse experiences and a strong belief in the value of practical knowledge shaped his career. “Experience is the finest jewelry that any human being can have,” he often says. Throughout his career, Animesh has worked with top universities and educational authorities worldwide, contributing to over 25,000 learning management systems. These systems range from open-source platforms to enterprise solutions, many of which are highly regarded in their respective fields.

Inspired by Tech Giants

In 2005, Animesh found inspiration in the success stories of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Their achievements in the tech industry motivated him to explore the potential of EdTech. He began using Microsoft Office and Moodle LMS to facilitate teaching and training. Despite facing significant challenges, including managing responsibilities for 20,000 employees while supporting his father’s career as an English language teacher, Animesh persevered. His exploration of learning management systems, particularly Moodle, marked the beginning of his transformative journey in EdTech.

Turning Points and Major Decisions

The year 2003 was pivotal for Animesh, as he encountered learning management systems for the first time. By 2008, he had resolved to create a universal learning management system, a vision that materialized in 2015. This development became a key turning point in his career, setting the stage for his current ventures.

Current Ventures and Vision

Today, Animesh is connected to over 5,000 branded learning management systems and more than 10,000 WordPress websites globally. His current project, SLLEARNING.COM, is a Moodle-based learning management system that aims to provide universal access to education and training. Animesh’s mission is to empower teachers, enabling them to earn substantial incomes and fostering a skilled workforce in India. His approach is distinct in its emphasis on democratizing education, valuing the unique clientele each educator serves, and rejecting monopolistic practices in the EdTech industry.

Achievements and Impact

Animesh’s contributions to the EdTech sector are profound. In his corporate role within Learning and Development, he has interacted with nearly a million students for job placements and interviewed over 100,000 candidates. His expertise has been instrumental in developing LMS for institutions worldwide, including prestigious Indian Navratna companies and the Indian Military Academy.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Animesh aims to continue revolutionizing EdTech by empowering educators and expanding access to quality education. He plans to introduce innovative strategies and projects that promise to further enhance learning management systems globally. His vision is to create a future where education and technology synergize to offer unparalleled opportunities for all.

Personal Insights

Animesh’s journey is deeply influenced by his personal experiences and mentors. His resilience and passion for education are rooted in the challenges he overcame and the inspiration drawn from industry leaders. Outside of his professional endeavors, Animesh enjoys pursuits that complement his commitment to learning and technology.


Animesh Raj Vardhan’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and a dedication to education. His diverse experiences and significant achievements have positioned him as a trailblazer in the EdTech industry. With a steadfast commitment to skill sharing and empowering educators, Animesh is set to continue making a profound impact on the future of education.